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Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

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No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.


"Help for self-help" every child has dreams and the right to education and medical attention.


Book the African Royal Ballet Djiby Kouyate Mali for your event!


African Royal Ballet Djiby Kouyate Mali

Dance & Boarding School for Street kids

In November 2012 we started building the boarding school for streak kids, near to their dance school. Which can host over 20 kids. Thanks to your help and support , the kids now have something to eat and drink every day. In May 2011 we built a dance school for the street kids. The mitigator and leader of the school is Djiby Kouyate. For over 15 years he has been the chief choreographer for the Mali National Ballet. Now he gives his talent to street kids with lots of love. In August 2012 we were in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for 3 weeks with 'African Royal Ballet Djiby Kouyate Mali" and "Duo the Best" on a tour. In the year 2013 the dance group, with a new program of 80 performances, spent 3 quick months in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and South Germany. Thanks to the money from the concerts we could upgrade the dance school and finishing the boarding school for the kids. Please support us to keep the program running and expanding. Book our Dance Group!

Elementry School Manankoroni

We hope all the kids from Manankoroni can go to school in their village in the near future. Unfortunately there are still a lot of the families living in pooferty and can't afford to send their kids to school and buy them school supplies. We try to provide them with schoolsuplies so the village can still have a school. Without our support they would have to close down the school. We buy the supplies in a local store in Bamako.

The old elementary school building was falling apart. Some rooms are closed down and shouldn't be used - but they still use it because there isn't enough room for all the kids to attend the school. We could start with a new elementary school building. To built the school we use local people and building materials from Manankoroni and Bamako area. This way we can also support the local people.

Please help us to build a new school and keep the school running with your support!

First Aid Station MananKoroni

2 doctors and a nurse are working on site and providing health care to the people in the remote area. The woman can deliver their babies in a safe and clean area with medical assistant. The mortally rate of the babies during birth is 50% because the mothers don't have access to medical facilities.